BMW Value Service offers a range of all inclusive and highly competitive service options for selected BMW models over 4 years old. As always, all work is carried out by our BMW trained technicians using only Genuine BMW Parts, which also benefit from a full 2 year fitted parts warranty.

BMW Value Service offers also often include service items that some independent and fast-fit workshops neglect to quote for, such as the all important micro filter. In addition to your service, your BMW will be washed and vacuumed and returned to you with an updated BMW service history; the only difference to you, being the price.

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​A trained BMW Technician will inspect your vehicle’s fluid levels and change the oil of your vehicle and they will only use Approved BMW Engine Oil. They will also replace the oil filter and return your BMW vacuumed and washed so it looks spick and span for your return.


​There are different value service options available for your braking system, depending on what your vehicle requires.

Brake pads will always be replaced in combination with a brake pad wear sensor (if applicable)

We will measure your brake discs at the time of inspection and advise if they need to be replaced alongside your brake pads.

We will offer advice you what your vehicle requires to achieve its optimum braking performance. 

INSPECTIONS SERVICES (Vehicles 15+ years old)

Both BMW inspections offered as part of the Value Service include an oil and oil filter change, renewal of your air conditioning and climate control system’s micro filters, as well as an inspection of the electric and fluid systems. The extended inspection option also includes spark plug or fuel filter changes and air filter replacement. All work carried out during the inspection is logged and noted on your BMW service history.


Brake fluid is a vital component within your BMW's braking system, creating a force against the pressure from the pedal directly onto the wheel hub.

Over time water vapour build up and heat generated from braking, worsened by heavy or prolonged braking, can affect the boiling point of the fluid. As this develops it can lead to brake failure. We recommend getting your brake fluid serviced every two years to ensure your BMW is performing at its very best.

Our BMW-trained technicians have the knowledge and resources, using only BMW products, for that guaranteed quality you'd expect.

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