As part of our dedicated BMW Aftersales care, we are constantly evaluating our vehicles to ensure they maintain the high standards you expect from our premium brand.

Committed to delivering the highest level of safety and quality in all vehicles produced, BMW may make the decision to issue a product update or a recall to ensure these standards are never compromised. A recall is a safety-critical action issued due to design or construction tolerance which may affect the safe operation of your BMW.

It is with this in mind that, we at Barretts BMW in Ashford and Canterbury offer complimentary recall services to ensure that all outstanding work of this type can be completed on your car. Regardless of the age of your BMW, this service is available to all BMW drivers. If a safety recall action is issued, we will contact you with a BMW recall notice, outlining the service your vehicle requires.

If you have already received a BMW recall notice from us, please book your vehicle at your preferred Barretts BMW retailer by contacting our dedicated Service Team.

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BMW Safety Recall available at Barretts Ashford and Canterbury, Kent.


Unsure whether your BMW has any open recalls attached to it? Click the button below and fill out your vehicle's details for up to date information on any outstanding BMW recall services required.

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If a recall service is required, please book in your vehicle at your earliest convenience. Select your preferred Barretts BMW retailer and secure your recall appointment by contacting our dedicated Service Team.

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Terms and Conditions apply.

Please note: Owners notified about a recall have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are checked at the earliest opportunity. By not acting you may be putting your life or others’ lives at risk.

BMW operates in accordance with the code of practice on safety defects, as agreed between the Department for Transport and the representative Trade Associations, and in compliance with the UK General Product Safety Regulations 2005.

There is no charge for the rectification of work associated directly with a recall. Alongside your safety recall/ technical campaign service, a complimentary 15-minute health check will be completed by Barretts BMW. We will advise customers of any recommended actions as a result of this inspection. This additional work may be chargeable.


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