Your first MOT inspection will arrive faster than you think. That’s why we offer BMW MOT Protect, a complimentary cover for all new BMWs.

Your BMW’s MOT Protect covers you for any* work that needs to be completed to pass your first MOT inspection. In the unlikely event, your BMW fails its first MOT, you won’t lose out, as repairs, replacements and labour are covered on a long list of key items, from electric and lighting equipment to steering and suspension.

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We’ll work with you to address any issues promptly and free of charge.*MOT Protect will cover all items with the exception of cost of the MOT, windscreen, wheels, tyres and items replaced as part of routine servicing (e.g. brake disks and pads) modified and/or non-BMW components

The inspection consists of over 150 safety and emission related systems to ensure your vehicle is working as efficiently as possible. Your lights, brakes, steering and suspension will all be tested by BMW approved and trained specialists who will only use genuine BMW parts, should a replacement be required, to ensure your BMW stays in the best condition.

Before submitting your BMW for its MOT test, our specialists will check over the vehicle to pre-warn you about any potential problems that could results in a failed MOT, for example tyres reaching their legal tread limit.

Standard MOT: £54.85


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