Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintain the perfect climate

Your BMW’s air conditioning system doesn’t just keep the temperature right for you and your passengers but it also helps filter out dust, pollen and deposits from fumes and minimises condensation.

Part of the pleasure of driving a BMW derives from the luxury and comfort afforded by features such as the advanced air conditioning system.

At Barretts BMW, we offer two levels of maintenance to keep your air conditioning at the system’s optimum performance, Refresh and Recharge.

Barretts BMW Air Conditioning – Refresh

Price: £49.99

If you become aware that your air conditioning smells slightly different than usual, either when you turn on the engine or when you adjust the temperature settings, it’s time for a Refresh. This service includes:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the evaporator
  • Cleaning and disinfecting entire air duct system
  • Treating air vents and the BMW interior

Barretts BMW Air Conditioning – Recharge

Price: £89.99

If your air conditioning is having trouble reaching the desired temperature, choose a Recharge. It includes:

  • Draining all refrigerant
  • Checking the system for leaks
  • Recharging refrigerant and lubricant
  • Checking system operating pressures

Like most things in life, the system requires periodic maintenance to keep it working at its peak. This work can be done at the same time as a regular service, for added convenience, or during a separate appointment.

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