At Barretts BMW we help you maintain the perfect climate when driving with our BMW Air Conditioning Services.

Why is this so important?

Providing a pleasant cabin that is allergen and dust-free is one of the key roles of the BMW air conditioning system. So to ensure we keep your air conditioning working to the best of its ability, we would suggest operating the system often, along with making sure you have it looked over and receive one of our specialist air conditioning service options, completed by our fully-trained, expert BMW Technicians.

Air Conditioning Refresh Service.
Price: £39.99

There's nothing quite like a big, deep breath of clean, pure air and that's exactly what you'll enjoy in your BMW after an Air Conditioning Refresh. For just £39.99, we'll clean, treat and disinfect your air conditioning, getting rid of odours and bacteria. We will also give your vehicle a free Seasonal Health Check and complimentary wash and vacuum whilst it's with us.

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Air Conditioning Recharge Service.
Price: £129.99

If your air conditioning is having trouble reaching the desired temperature, choose an Air Conditioning Service. Like most things in life, the system requires periodic maintenance to keep it working at its peak.This work can be done at the same time as a regular service, for added convenience, or during a separate appointment.

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Air Conditioning available at Barretts Ashford and Canterbury, Kent.

Air Conditioning Combo.
Price: £145.00

If you can't decide, then treat your BMW to both an Air Conditioning Refresh and Recharge service.

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Air Conditioning Diagnosis.
Price: Subject to Diagnosis

Please note, should your BMW's air conditioning system not be working due to a mechanical fault then this will require our technicians to carry out a diagnosis.

Once the issue has been fully identified our technicians will then provide you with a quote to fix the issue so that your system can then receive either a Refresh or Recharge service.

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