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DS 3 CROSSBACK is the luxury compact SUV, combining refinement and advanced technology. With its striking design, DS 3 CROSSBACK stands out as modern, sophisticated and elegant.

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DS 3 CROSSBACK Side View - Barretts

Striking Silhouette

When you’re driving the DS 3 CROSSBACK you’ll be the centre of attention; with its curvaceous silhouette and large alloy wheels, this luxury compact SUV displays an avant-garde style that’s both powerful and sculpted.

Enjoy the pleasure of driving, while the intelligence of DS MATRIX LED VISION lights the way. DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights are the latest generation of smart lighting technology from DS Automobiles. As well as their aesthetic appeal, DS MATRIX LED VISION automatically adjusts to the road ahead; when the road is clear, the full beam will be activated, dimming automatically when another car approaches.

Finishing the look of complete luxury, you’ll be amazed by the deploying FLUSH FITTING DOOR HANDLES that only appear when you need them. The rest of the time they’re concealed, fitting neatly into the bodywork to enhance the sophisticated silhouette of your DS 3 CROSSBACK.

DS LED Matrix Vision Headlights - Barretts
DS 3 CROSSBACK Front Grille - Barretts
DS 3 CROSSBACK Flush Fitting Handles - Barretts

Refinement and Know-How

DS Automobiles have paid close attention to the quality of the materials and finish of every detail.​ Immerse yourself in sophistication inside the DS 3 CROSSBACK.

A celebration of Parisian luxury, the DS 3 CROSSBACK’s interior remains faithful to the DS style philosophy: personalisation. Choose your interior ambiance from five DS Inspirations, each with its own distinct character.

Whether on short or long journeys, comfort inside the DS 3 CROSSBACK is exceptional. In the front and rear seats, the DS engineers have incorporated double density foam using an innovative treatment to give a base that is enveloping and high quality. And because moments of peace are precious, especially around town, DS have made sure that the DS 3 CROSSBACK provides superior insulation from road noise and vibration.

DS 3 CROSSBACK Interior Cockpit - Barretts
DS 3 CROSSBACK Side View - Barretts

Innovative Tecnologies

Packed with innovative technologies the DS 3 CROSSBACK offers the complete driving experience. 

PROXIMITY KEYLESS ENTRY & START is the extremely accurate technology, available on DS 3 CROSSBACK, which allows your car to give you a warm welcome before you begin your journey.​ As you approach, at a distance of 3m, the DS 3 CROSSBACK detects your key, unfolds the door mirrors and illuminates the headlights in anticipation. Closer, at 1.5m, the flush door handles deploy to reveal themselves, unlocking the car automatically.

The way we use our cars is evolving, and more of us want to share our car with others, that's why DS 3 CROSSBACK features DS SMART ACCESS, which allows you to grant access to your car via the MyDS app.

DS PILOT : Another step towards autonomous driving

DS DRIVE ASSIST makes long journeys easier by combining several different driving aids. Active Cruise Control maintains your speed, as well as a safe distance to the car in front, while also positioning the DS 3 CROSSBACK in the centre of its lane. When the traffic slows, this technology can even bring the car to a complete stop and set off again as the traffic moves. 

Thanks to DS PARK PILOT, your car will park itself without any input from you on the steering wheel or pedals.

Speed, cruise control, speed limits, driver aids and navigation: Head-Up display gives you the information you need, without the need to take your eyes off the road.

By bringing all of these technologies together, DS takes the stress out of driving.

DS 3 CROSSBACK DS Pilot Technology - Barretts

DS Safety : Safer, more relaxing journeys

The DS 3 CROSSBACK comes packed with safety features to keep the car and all of its occupants as safe as possible.

The EXTENDED EMERGENCY BRAKING SYSTEM is an automatic safety feature, designed to make driving safer for you and those around you. Using sensors and a camera in the windscreen, this system anticipates a collision with cars or objects in front of you, whether it's day or night. The system starts with a visual and audible warning, before applying the brakes automatically if you're not able to react in time.

Make driving easier with EXTENDED TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION technology. This system reads permanent and temporary speed limit signs then reproduces them in your display, immediately alerting you if you exceed the limit. You can also change the setting of the cruise control/speed limiter to adapt your speed to the prescribed limit.

DS 3 CROSSBACK Braking System - Barretts
DS 3 CROSSBACK Traffic Sign Recognition - Barretts

Choose the Power That Suits You

There are three types of engine available for DS 3 CROSSBACK: PureTech petrol, BlueHDi diesel and E-Tense 100% electric. The DS 3 CROSSBACK is available with an eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual gearbox depending on the engine.

Powerful and efficient, the PureTech petrol engines guarantee dynamic driving with particularly low emissions. We recommend choosing a PureTech engine if you mostly drive around town, with lower annual mileage, or if you are looking for a dynamic driving experience.

Fitted with the latest innovative pollution control system, the BlueHDi diesel engines are recognised for their high level of efficiency. Less polluting and higher performing, they comply with new WLTP standards. BlueHDi diesel engines are best suited for drivers that cover more miles per year, and drive frequently on motorways.

Enjoy a sensational and entirely new driving experience at the wheel of DS 3 CROSSBACK E-Tense with its 100% electric motor that combines power with flexibility in complete silence.

A DS 3 CROSSBACK with a difference...


The luxury compact SUV, combining advanced technology and refinement, DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE is the first 100% Electric vehicle from DS Automobiles. 

Range: 200 miles +

Charging: 80% in 30 minutes

Motor: 100kW/136ch

DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE is an electric car built without compromise. Just like the conventionally powered Petrol and Diesel versions, our 100% Electric SUV features an interior designed around you. The battery used to power DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE has been strategically placed in order to maintain the same space available in the petrol and diesel versions - you won't need to sacrifice boot space to go electric.


DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE Rear - Barretts