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All Land Rover's manufactured today come with air conditioning or climate control systems as standard. Make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition and working to its full potential with aAir Conditioning Service at Barretts Land Rover.

Why is this so important? Because providing a pleasant cabin that is allergen and dust-free is one of the key roles of the Land Rover air conditioning system. To ensure we keep your air conditioning working to the best of its ability, we would suggest operating the system often, along with making sure you have it looked over and receive one of our specialist air conditioning service options, completed by our fully-trained, expert Land Rover Technicians.

At Barretts Land Rover we help you maintain the perfect climate when driving.


  • Full de-gas and re-gas meeting manufacturer specifications.
  • Top up your refrigerant levels
  • Gas pressure and vehicle safety check
  • System check including pressure and vent temperature
  • Make sure compressor and condenser are working correctly
  • Visual check of all pipework, hoses and belt connections to identify any leaks.
  • Vacuum the system to remove any trapped air & moisture.
  • Oil added as necessary
  • Anti bacterial system clean


  • A routine service will maintain the perfect in car temperature
  • Filters pollutants and airborne particles helping hayfever & asthma suffers
  • Clean fresh air, even in heavy traffic
  • A more efficient engine, increasing fuel economy
  • Prevents drowsiness to keep you fresh, alert and safer

Choose the Air Conditioning Service that is right for you.


Price: £29.99

There's nothing quite like a big, deep breath of clean, pure air and that's exactly what you'll enjoy in your Land Rover after an Air Conditioning Refresh.

For just £29.99, we'll clean, treat and disinfect your air conditioning, getting rid of odours and bacteria. We will also give your vehicle a free Seasonal Health Check and complimentary wash and vacuum whilst it's with us.

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Price: £129.99

If your air conditioning is having trouble reaching the desired temperature, choose an Air Conditioning Service. It includes:

Draining all refrigerant

Checking the system for leaks

Recharging refrigerant and lubricant

Checking system operating pressures

Like most things in life, the system requires periodic maintenance to keep it working at its peak. This work can be done at the same time as a regular service, for added convenience, or during a separate appointment.

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PRICE: £145.00

If you can't decide, then treat your Land Rover to both an Air Conditioning Refresh and Recharge service.

Available for the discounted price of £145.00.

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Over time the gas in your A/C (Air Conditioning) evaporates and can lose approximately 10-20% of refrigerant gas each year, reducing the system's effectiveness and causing increased fuel consumption, until it eventually needs to be replaced. It is advisable that an air conditioning service and re-charge is carried out once every two years to guarantee safe and maximum performance.

In addition to topping up refrigerant levels, our Trained Technicians will also add an anti-bacterial cleaner to eliminate any fungal and bacterial contamination building up within your A/C unit. This process involves using an air purifier to cleanse and disinfect the ventilations system, eliminating any unpleasant odours and harmful bacteria which can cause sickness and respiratory problems.

It is important to maintain your A/C system throughout the year as, not only does it cool you in the summer, it also prevents your interior windows from steaming up and efficiently demists your windscreen in the winter months.

Without routine attention, you risk:

  • Difficulty in maintaining a comfortable temperature
  • Windows steaming up
  • Poor air quality
  • Unpleasant odours
  • Allergic reactions
  • Sick car syndrome
  • Build-up of bacteria causing a musty/damp smell
  • Breathing in bacteria which can impact your health
  • Refrigerant gas escaping and resulting in inefficiency
  • Decreased fuel consumption
R134a gas From £...
R1234YF gas (2013 vehicles onward) From £...

Price may vary depending on model and age of vehicle.

An Air Conditioning Check isn't part of a routine service, so if your vehicle is more than 2 years old, its due an air conditioning service. Contact our Service department for more information on this offer or to book an appointment.


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*Air Conditioning price is to service a current, fully functioning Air-Con system. Non functioning systems will incur additional costs, please enquire with your Sales Advisor.