Maintenance of your Land Rover at Barretts

  • AdBlue

  • Land Rover KDS Wheel Alignment - £245 all inclusive

  • Seasonal Health Check - £39.99 inc VAT

  • Electronic Vehicle Health Check


AdBlue™ is a special Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). It enables Selective Catalytic Reduction to take place, which reduces harmful emissions and helps Land Rovers with diesel engines comply with stringent Euro 6 standards. Land Rover Service Plans include complimentary AdBlue™ top-ups during regular servicing or between service cycles at any JLR retailer. For most drivers, it will be sufficient to top-up AdBlue™ levels in the course of regular servicing. However, for models with Ingenium engines, which have a two-year/21,000-mile servicing interval, you may need to top up before your next service is due.

Levels of AdBlue™ in your vehicle must be maintained. You will be given several dashboard warnings to top-up if low levels of DEF are detected. For manual top-ups, JLR-approved AdBlue™ is recommended and can be purchased from JLR retailers. Watch the video to find out how to top up.

Land Rover KDS Wheel Alignment - £245 all inclusive

Maintaining your vehicles wheel alignment and tracking is very important for your cars handling and tyre wear.

Workshop tests have shown that the running gear of up to 75% of tested Land Rover's was misaligned, usually due to high mileage, accidental knocks into the kerb and or bad road conditions. This can cause damage to the tie rods, tie rod ends, ball joints, control arm bearings, link rods and your tyres.

Common symptoms of misalignment:

  • Poor directional stability of the vehicle
  • Steering wheel is noticeably off centre
  • Tyres in bad condition or unevenly worn
  • With a Land Rover Wheel Alignment (KDS) we measure and adjust the toe (individual and total), toe-out on turns, axel angle, camber, caster, kingpin angle, wheel setback, wheelbase difference, side offset and track width difference and axel offset.

    Wheel alignment is key preparation for the correct use of many new driver assistance systems*. It is essential for Lane Change Assist and Collision Braking as these systems need to be aligned with how the vehicle is travelling down the road.

    *Adjustments of driver assistance systems (ADAS) are included in this offer.​

    Seasonal Health Check - £39.99 inc VAT

    Now includes complimentary screenwash and oil top-up (up to 1litre).

    Every journey in your Land Rover should be as exhilarating as the first, regardless of the season. To keep your vehicle performing at its peak throughout the year, book in for a Seasonal Health Check at Barretts Land Rover.

    Our highly trained Land Rover technicians will perform a comprehensive check of all key components, fluid levels including a screen wash top up and consumables that are vital for safety and reliability.

    We'll also provide a courtesy wash and vacuum for your vehicle and complete the checks whilst you wait, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

    Our technicians will record and issue you with a complimentary report and a video of your vehicle inspection, giving you total peace of mind about the condition of your vehicle. When you collect your vehicle, the report will be explained in full detail and should we identify any areas requiring attention, our Service department will advise you on the next steps - there’s no obligation to carry out any of the work.

    Safety, peace of mind and optimum vehicle performance - that’s the benefit of a Land Rover Seasonal Check.

    Electronic Vehicle Health Check

    Your vehicle safety is our top priority. As part of our supreme level of service, we carry out a complimentary Electronic Vehicle Health Check on every Land Rover vehicle whether it's a service, warranty or cosmetic repair. We are here to make sure you enjoy many more miles of driving in your Land Rover.

    What's included in your health check?

    Our Land Rover trained technicians will complete a video and a detailed report on the condition of the 40 key items on your vehicle that form a visual health check. This includes all key aspects of your vehicle's maintenance: brakes, tyres, lights, bodywork, steering and suspension. We will then provide a rating of Green, Amber or Red for each component that we check and advise you on the next steps.


    This system on your vehicle is in working order.


    Work is needed before your next scheduled service.

    A concern has been identified that needs attention in the near future. This will enable you to plan and budget to have the work done.


    Urgent work - dangerous, illegal or defective .

    A problem has been identified that could have safety implications, or could lead to bigger repair bills in the near future. It is recommended that you have this work carried out as a matter of urgency.

    Should we identify any areas requiring urgent attention, your Service Advisor will contact you and provide you with a fully inclusive price to carry out the repair. With your consent, we will endeavour to complete any highlighted eVHC work authorised immediately, or book your car into our service department at another time at your convenience.