Maintenance tips for Honda owners

Tyre pressure

Your owner’s manual will have the recommended tyre pressure for your car, or the recommended pressures will be listed on your vehicles B-Pillar/Drivers door. You should check it when your tyres are completely cold and try to use the same pressure gauge each time. That way you’ll have a better idea whether the pressure loss is a tyre problem or a difference between gauges.

Checking your tyres

Tyre condition

While you’re checking your tyres, look out for anything unusual. Any bumps, bulges, cuts, splits, cracks, or threadbare areas can cause you problems on the road. If you spot any of these, you should bring your car in for us to look at, as soon as possible.

Spare tyre and repair kit

If your car has a spare tyre, make sure it’s in good condition and your tyre repair kit hasn’t passed its expiry date.

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Battery tips

Keeping your battery charged

There are a few simple things to make sure your battery won’t let you down.

Take it for a spin

Try and make at least one longer trip a week.

Give it a charge

You can use a charger to make sure it’s in its best condition.

Turn everything off

Make sure your map lights are turned off and all your doors are closed.

Don’t leave your lights on ‘Auto Setting’

Put your dipped beam headlights on day & night to encourage the alternator to work harder, therefore boosting charge to the battery.

Checking your oil levels

The right amount of oil is essential for keeping your engine running, so make sure you check it regularly. We recommend you do it whenever you refuel and always before a long journey. You should even check your oil when you car is new, as the engine canconsume more than you think in the running-in period. Check your owner’s manual for all the details.

Honda Recommends Castrol Lubricants

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  • What is the VHC video? We will record a video of any visual defects on your vehicle whilst it is in our workshop, we will report these items to you using a traffic light system - red for urgent, amber for advisory or green for Ok. This is a complimentary service we offer during each visit
  • How do I reset tyre light/DWS (deflation warning system)? This should be reset each time you check and adjust your tyre pressures. How to Reset the Low-Tire Pressure Indicator - YouTube
  • How do I update my sat nav? For map updates please click here Navi Manual Updates | Owners | Honda UK Cars
  • How do I check my tyre pressures? Your correct tyre pressure setting is located on the sticker on the inside of the drivers door. Remove the tyre valves, fill the tyre with correct amount of air, refit the valves & reset your tyre light system. How to Reset the Low-Tire Pressure Indicator - YouTube
  • How do I get the mileage up on the screen? Press the trip button, located just below the speedometer. Press to view the total mileage or hold the button down to reset the mileage.
  • How do I chande my display? Using the controls on your steering wheel, there is an up and down control above and below the "select" button. These will scroll through the options on your dash, allowing you to choose which screen you prefer.
  • What is my locking wheel nut key and why do I need to leave it in the vehicle at all times? Your locking wheel nut key undoes a special bolt on your wheel, always keep it in the car in a safe place so that in the event of a tyre issue you know where it is and if your visiting our dealership please leave it on the passenger seat so we have easy access to it.
  • Why have my electric windows/parking sensors have stopped working? Commonly this happens because there is an isolation switch located by the drivers right knee that gets knocked upon exiting the vehicle. Try switching this back on first. If the switch is on and there is still a fault, please contact our service team to arrange a workshop visit.
  • Why can't I lock my vehicle? We first suggest opening and closing each door, including the boot, to ensure none have been left ajar. Secondly, check the spare key has not been left inside the vehicle. If both of these have been checked and the vehicle still will not lock, please contact our service team who will be happy to assist.