Honda Extended Guarantee

Honda Extended Guarantee is a great way to protect your car when your manufacturer’s warranty expires, which can extend the life of your vehicle.

Honda Extended Guarantee can help maintain an ongoing service history for your car, with genuine Honda parts - improving its resale value for the future.

Extended Guarantee is available for vehicles 3-8 years old (subject to a recent vehicle health check*).

Choose from a one-off payment or 10 monthly interest-free payments.

And choose your length of cover:

1 year cover £399
2 years cover £649
3 years cover £915

You have a choice of how long you want your extended guarantee to last for, knowing that, even after one repair, the extended guarantee can pay for itself.

Listed Component Guarantee is available for vehicles 9-15 years old.

Available as a one-off payment of:

1 year cover £399
2 years cover £649

It also comes with the added benefit of full Honda care Assistance**, which includes:

Honda Roadside Assistance

If you are unfortunate enough to breakdown at the roadside, we can come and get you moving again as quickly as possible.

Honda Recovery Assistance

If we cannot fix your car at the roadside, we can assist you with your onward travel arrangements, either home or to your original destination.

Honda Home Assistance

We can also provide assistance to your doorstop.

Honda European Assistance (Not included with the Listed Component Guarantee)

Your car can even be covered whilst travelling abroad.**

Honda Messenger Service

If you breakdown and can't get a message to relatives or colleagues, we can contact them for you and inform them of your situation.

Honda Breakdown and Accident Assistance App

Download the Honda Breakdown and Accident Assistance App today.