At Barretts MINI, we are constantly reviewing our services and promotions to ensure you get the highest quality service for the best price possible. All of our services are carried out by specially trained MINI technicians, who know your MINI like no one else, so you can have the confidence that your MINI is receiving the service it needs, all at the highest of standards.

What's more, we will only ever use Genuine MINI Parts as per manufacturer specification.

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ONLY £19.99.

At Barretts MINI we have an impressive range of Genuine MINI Travel Accessories available to help you explore in a practical yet stylish way.

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If you have already purchased a Genuine MINI Travel Accessory which you are having fitted to your vehicle, you are eligible for our MINI Summer Preparation Service.

To ensure your MINI is ready for any kind of adventure, the Summer Preparation Service includes both a Summer Health Check and a MINI Air Conditioning Refresh. This is available for just £19.99 when booked alongside the fitment of any Genuine MINI Accessories.

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Workshop tests have shown that the running gear of up to 75% of tested MINIs was misaligned, usually due to high mileage, accidental knocks into the kerb and or bad road conditions. This can cause damage to the tie rods, tie rod ends, ball joints, control arm bearings, link rods and your tyres.

Common symptoms of misalignment:

• Poor directional stability of the vehicle
• Steering wheel is noticeably off centre
• Tyres in bad condition or unevenly worn

With a MINI Wheel Alignment (KDS) we measure and adjust the toe (individual and total), toe-out on turns, axel angle, camber, caster, kingpin angle, wheel setback, wheelbase difference, side offset and track width difference and axel offset.

Wheel alignment is key preparation for the correct use of many new driver assistance systems*. It is essential for Lane Change Assist and Collision Braking as these systems need to be aligned with how the vehicle is travelling down the road.

*Adjustments of driver assistance systems (ADAS) are included in this offer.

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What's more, when you book with Barretts MINI you will receive a screen wash top-up, a complimentary wash and vacuum and we will supply you with a bottle of MINI De Icer.MINI SEASONAL HEALTH CHECK.

ONLY £39.99.

We understand how important your MINI is and that continuing regular maintenance will keep it running at its best. With this in mind, our MINI Seasonal Health Check is designed to let you enjoy the season with the peace of mind that your vehicle is in the best possible condition. The British weather can be tough on your car so our team of qualified MINI Technicians are on hand to ensure your MINI is prepared, whatever the weather.

During the MINI Seasonal Health Check, we will check the following:

  • Air Conditioning Refresh (removes odours & bacteria from system)
  • Lights
  • Tyre condition and pressure
  • Steering and suspension check
  • Windscreen wipers and washer system check
  • Brake and exhaust condition
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Horn operation

What's more, when you book with Barretts MINI you will receive a screen wash top-up, a complimentary wash and vacuum and we will supply you with a bottle of MINI De Icer.

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