MINI Park Assist


The park assist system is an option that can be added to your MINI that can assist in parallel-parking manoeuvres.

This technology works by measuring parking gap sizes when the car is at speeds below approx. 22mph, with a set of ultrasonic sensors. The results of parking gap searches are shown in the MINI Central Display (if fitted).

Optimum calculation of the line to be followed for parking (vehicle length plus approx.1m) and control of the steering by the park assistant during the parking manoeuvre. The driver remains responsible for judging available space front and rear. The driver is then guided through the parking manoeuvre by instructions and, if applicable, through additional acoustic alerts.

How to use it

  • Engage the parking distance control function
  • Stop your MINI once it has found a suitable space
  • Put your MINI into reverse and put the indicator on
  • Take your hand off the steering wheel and control the speed as instructed.