3 Peaks Challenge | Jaguar Land Rover Ashford.

On the 19th of June, the Barretts Jaguar Land Rover Ashford team are packing up two Land Rover Defenders with two dedicated drivers and nine ‘willing’ walkers and taking on the 24 Hour Three Peak Challenge.

1,300 Miles driven, 10,000 ft assented over 26 miles of hiking.

Starting at 5am at the foot of Ben Nevis, then onto Scaffel Pike in the summer sun and finishing with a midnight trek up and down Snowden. We’ll be doing this to support two fantastic charities.

The Pilgrims Hospice who give care and support at the most sensitive of times, and Ben the automotive charity that is dedicated to supporting the people of the automotive industry, providing support for life for them & their family dependents. When any member of our automotive family is struggling or in crisis, we all rally to support them.

Our Training starts now and we appreciate any donations and support along the way.

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