The BMW Connected App creates new possibilities for unique networking between the vehicle, your iPhone, and the outside world. Functions include:

  • News (can be used both in and outside the vehicle) - Receive news services via RSS and view them on your vehicle display.
  • Wiki Local – allows you to find Wikipedia articles relating to nearby locations (and even have them played back to you).
  • Web radio (can be used both in and outside the vehicle) - Allows you to listen to countless Internet radio stations from all over the world.
  • Twitter / facebook - the latest status messages from your social networks are displayed in the vehicle and can also be played back via a text-to-speech function.
  • Calendar – Keep an eye on your appointments by having your calendar entries displayed in-vehicle and then to have them played back when required.
  • Last Mile Navigation & Vehicle Finder – this allows your car to share navigation information with your phone, as well as telling you where it’s parked!