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Available from DS Store Canterbury

The DS 7 CROSSBACK is what we think an SUV should be like, it is the embodiment of French know-how and innovation.

Key features include:

  • Jewel-like DS LED Vision Technology
  • Two 12" HD screens
  • A choice of high performance engines, including stop & start technology
  • Complete 4 wheel drive
  • Adaptive Cruise Control / DS Connected Pilot
  • Night vision camera

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DS 7 CROSSBACK Front View - Barretts

Muscular, charismatic and attractive, the DS 7 CROSSBACK exudes power and poise through its design. Viewed from the front the vertical grille uses the distinctive DS Wings motif which melds seamlessly into our signature of spectacular lighting.

This is an SUV like no other. It has a presence that helps it stand apart from the crowd while proportions allude to the space, comfort and peace within​.

DS 7 CROSSBACK Interior Cockpit - Barretts
DS 7 CROSSBACK Wheel - Barretts
DS 7 CROSSBACK Interior Cockpit Gearbox - Barretts


The DS 7 CROSSBACK takes dynamic, refined driving a step further thanks to its new THP 225hp Stop & Start petrol engine with the eight-speed automatic gearbox. A world first on DS 7 CROSSBACK, this latest transmission provides rapid, imperceptible changes and is also available with the BlueHDi 180hp diesel engine.

Furthermore, the DS 7 CROSSBACK rechargeable hybrid E-TENSE will deliver performance and efficiency with 300hp, 4 wheel drive and u to 40 miles range in zero emission mode.

DS 7 CROSSBACK Rear - Barretts
DS 7 CROSSBACK Front Headlights - Barretts
DS 7 CROSSBACK Side View - Barretts


DS Connected Pilot: self-driving cars getting closer

Delegate partial control of DS 7 CROSSBACK to DS Connected Pilot. This employs ACC Stop & Go (Adaptive Cruise Control) to maintain a safe distance to any vehicles in front.

The DS 7 CROSSBACK will stay securely in the middle of its lane thanks to LPA (Lane Position Assist). However, you can retake control whenever you want.

DS Night Vision helps you to see in the dark

Using infrared, the DS Night Vision shows what’s ahead in the dark, highlighting vulnerable road users on the instrument screen.

DS Active Scan Suspension: a 21st Century innovation

DS first developed hydropneumatic suspension in the 1950s, inspired by this, DS engineers have now introduced DS Active Scan Suspension. This innovative damping uses a camera to detect imperfections, potholes or lumps in the road surface ahead. The suspension then adjusts instantly for maximum comfort.