DS 9

Available from DS Store Canterbury

Introducing the new symbol of French savoir-faire, the DS 9, coming soon to DS Store Canterbury. Designed with E-TENSE hybrid power, this luxurious new saloon has been created to offer technical excellence, incredible comfort and unparalleled sophistication.

Key features include:

  • Jewel-like DS Active LED Vision Technology
  • Focal Electra® Sound System
  • DS Active Suspension
  • A choice of two Hybrid high performance engines
  • Adaptive Cruise Control / DS Connected Pilot
  • Night vision camera

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Ds 9 Front - Barretts


The DS 9 stands out with modern lines marrying grace and dynamism. Complete attention to detail has gone into this luxurious new automobile. Details, from the DS sabre to the Clous de Paris finish, the DS Cornets to the flush fitting door handles, give the car its highly distinctive design.

The cockpit stands out with its unique features: the ‘Clous de Paris’ embossed finish, controls inset with crystal, the B.R.M R180 timepiece and even “pearl” stitching. The overall finish is breathtaking, showcasing the finest attention to even the smallest of details.

The DS 9 will be offered with a choice of two plug-in hybrid E-TENSE power units. A 250hp model will be followed by a 360hp 4-wheel drive version. The electric motor, used for acceleration and up to 83mph, will launch you in complete silence towards a new driving experience. 

DS 9 Detail Front - Barretts
DS 9 Charging Point - Barretts
DS 9 Rear Close Up Lights - Barretts

DS LOUNGE - The epitome of comfort and elegance

The DS 9 has been designed so that each occupant enjoys the same level of comfort. With its large 2.89m wheelbase, the DS 9 has a huge amount of space for the rear seats. The rear central armrest helps with overall comfort; covered with Nappa leather it provides storage with USB ports and is the control centre for various functions. Furthermore both the front and rear seats are heated, massaging and ventilated, to offer further comfort for all passengers.

The DS Active Scan intelligent suspension system relies on a camera located at the top of the windscreen as well as multiple sensors that constantly look for imperfections in the road. They transmit this data in milliseconds to a computer that operates each wheel independently. Depending on the information it receives this continuously makes the suspension harder or softer depending on the road surface ahead, guaranteeing optimal comfort.

With the launch of DS 9, our experts have come up with a new concept in acoustic comfort. The glass is covered with an acoustic film which together with a semi-bonded casing eliminates vibrations to give a quiet, peaceful atmosphere inside. This superb craftsmanship brings out the purity of sound delivered by the Focal Electra® audio system with its 14 speakers.

DS 9 Interior Cockpit - Barretts
DS 9 Interior Seats - Barretts
DS 9 Interior Sound System- Barretts


DS 9 Front - Barretts

DS Pilot: When the latest technology comes to your aid

DS Automobiles have designed DS DRIVE ASSIST to help the driver. This innovative system adjusts the speed and distance relative to the vehicle in front and positions the DS 9 precisely in its lane by controlling the steering. It oversees speed and steering, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind at the wheel. However retake control of the car at any time and return to the basics of classic driving.

With DS PARK PILOT, your parking manoeuvres become amazingly easy. This intelligent system can detect a parking space big enough for the DS 9 simply by driving past at up to 30km/h. With this assistance technology the car parks on its own, in bays or parallel, without the driver touching the steering wheel or pedals.

DS ACCESS - Accessing your car has never been this easy

With PROXIMITY KEYLESS ENTRY AND START, your car detects you from a distance and locks or unlocks the doors in a moment of magic. When you are less than 3 metres away, the car automatically comes to life and lights up. At 1.5 metres, the car unlocks and the door handles, until then invisible, glide out gracefully.
The principle is similar when you move away: at 2 metres, the door handles retract and the car automatically locks itself without you having to do anything.

Via your smartphone and the MyDS app, lock, unlock and start your car without any other key. This technology also enables you to authorise up to 5 of your relatives or friends to access the car and start it without you being there, all through their MyDS app.

DS 9 Flush Door Handles - Barretts
DS 9 Front - Barretts

DS SAFETY - Safety at its peak

With its main LED projector headlamp and three rotating modules, DS ACTIVE LED VISION offers several modes of lighting specific to each driving situation. The modules work together to instantly adjust the angle, intensity and range of the light beam depending on driving conditions (weather and light levels). It doesn’t matter if you are driving in town, the country or on the motorway, the lighting will adapt to guarantee vision in high definition.

At night, with its infrared camera hidden in the front grille, your DS 9 scans the road in real time. The DS NIGHT VISION system can detect pedestrians and animals up to 100m away so you can see hazards and react quickly.

Day and night, the DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITOR system uses sensors and a camera to look for signs of tiredness or distraction in the driver as well as monitoring the car’s trajectory. If the system detects sleepiness or a lack of attention an audible alert sounds in the cockpit and is displayed on the central screen.