How do I know what my tyre pressures should be?  

Different vehicles require different pressures based on vehicle application, weight, and tyre size. Therefore, your vehicle carries a unique sticker, usually inside the driver's or passenger’s door which accurately displays the optimum pressures for your vehicle.  

How do I reset my tyre inflation system?  

Should you have a tyre warning light on it is important to first identify if you have any air loss by checking the tyres and having any repairs done before adjusting the pressures as required. 

Once you are satisfied the tyres are defect free and the pressures are correct, in-vehicle settings, select ‘under-inflation detection’ followed by a reset. You will be prompted to ensure you have checked and corrected the pressures before the system will reset.  

What is a locking wheel bolt and why do I need this? 

A locking wheel nut differs from a standard wheel bolt in that it requires a specific attachment to remove it from the car. It is important, in the event of a puncture, or some routine maintenance, that you are aware of the location of your locking wheel nut key within the vehicle.

How do I set the correct time/date? 

 Setting the time and date can be done via vehicle and settings, then selecting time/date and adjusting as required. This is also where you find the option to change miles to km and vice versa, should you so wish.

What is a VHC?  

A vehicle health check or VHC is a complementary series of checks carried out on your vehicle to give an overview of the general condition. Accompanied by a video, this offers a real insight into the condition of your vehicle. Any concerns or future work identified will be displayed using a traffic light system, red for urgent, amber for advisory and green for serviceable and no action required.

Do I need to have a Service with my MOT, are they different?

 An MOT is required by law and is a series of structured checks following DVSA’s criteria, this determines if a vehicle is considered safe to drive and roadworthy. A service is a series of maintenance procedures which includes the replacement of various filters and lubricants, as deemed necessary and in accordance with manufacturers' guidelines.

My stop-start isn’t working/is working less often than expected?

Stop-start technology makes driving more economical and environmentally friendly. However, due to the complexity of the system, many conditions must be met for the system to function as you may expect. For example, if the ambient temperature is too low or too high the system will be inhibited. Other factors include the air conditioning fully loaded and crucially the battery voltage level.

How accurate is the range on my electric car?

There are various factors which can alter the range of your electric car including driving style, speed, and electrical draw such as air conditioning.