Citroën Vans - Dispatch

Available from Barretts of Kent - Canterbury

As an essential partner for professionals the new Dispatch was designed with efficiency and user-friendliness in mind, for easier day-to- day use and greater safety making it an ideal addition to any business. Whether you are a tradesperson, craftsperson, courier, in the construction sector or in a service industry, there is a Dispatch for you! With the option of three sizes to choose from, a load capacity of up to 1,400kg, 6.6m3 of loading volume and pulling of up to 2.5 tonnes, the Dispatch there is one for every job.

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Citroën Dispatch Van - Barretts
Citroën Dispatch Van Loading - Barretts


Partner to the pros, the Citroën Dispatch comes in 2 versions and 3 size options.

  • The Driver version, available in M and XL, is specially designed for companies and their employees who have to make long trips or numerous deliveries in urban areas.
  • The Enterprise version is also available in a third size XS (4.60 m), specially adapted for professionals who mainly drive in the city. Thanks to its smaller height of 1.9 m on the XS and M versions (1.94 m on the XL version), Citroën Dispatch can easily enter all the car parks that are usually difficult to access for vehicles of this type.


The Citroën Dispatch comes with many innovative features such as Moduwork, a means of raising the side passenger seat so you can transport long objects through the bulkhead hatch. The innovative Moduwork option extends your loading length by 1.16m (giving you up to 4m of usable length in the XL version). Likewise, with the Crew Van versions, there is no need to choose between passenger and load space: they can accommodate up to 6 people while still offering a loading space of up to 4m³. What's more, the space under the passenger bench allows the transportation of long objects up to 2.40m.

Citroën Dispatch Van Loaded - Barretts
Citroën Dispatch Van Interior Cab- Barretts
Citroën Dispatch Van Touchscreen - Barretts


As a daily working tool, the Dispatch had to be as comfortable as possible. The front seats of Citroën Dispatch have been ergonomically designed: the high driving position makes you feel like you dominate the road. The driving posture is even more comfortable as the seats are adjustable for height and legroom.

Regardless of road conditions, Citroën Dispatch offers the highest driving comfort, thanks to the smooth running gear and excellent shock absorption. What's more, the cabin has been transformed into a mobile office and features a writing tray and a useful tablet stand for devices measuring up to 11 inches.


The new Citroën Dispatch scored the maximum 5-star in EuroNCAP test. The Dispatch is packed with 16 innovative driving aids to help to anticipate events and provide assistance as part of a safe and relaxed driving experience. Equipment includes; Active Safety Break, Blind spot monitoring, Collison Risk Alert and Lane departure warning.

Citroën Dispatch Van Interior Cab - Barretts


The Dispatch offers engines from 100 to 180hp, all equipped with the Euro 6 BlueHDi diesel engine technology. These latest generation engines combined with aerodynamic vehicle body and controlled mass to deliver the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 in its class. In addition, the Dispatch Van is now available with a fully electric engine for an energetic, smooth yet efficient drive.