C5 Aircross

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An ultra-comfortable and versatile SUV with an assertive personality, the C5 Aircross is the latest model to join the Citroën automobile range. This stylish SUV is 100% Citroën in its personality with a robust muscular design, bold graphic features and a broad range of personalisation options.

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Key Features:

  • Citroën Advanced Comfort®
  • Class Leading Boot Space (from 580 to 720 litres)
  • Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®
  • 20 Driver Assistance Technologies
  • Robust, protective design
  • 6 Connectivity Technologies
  • Powerful and Efficient Engines



Citroën C5 Aircross Rear View - Barretts


​0-62mph in just 10.2 seconds.


​PureTech 130 S&S, PureTech 180 S&S, BlueHDi 130, BlueHDi 130 S&S ​and BlueHDi 180 S&S. 


​Active Safety Brake, Active Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go Function and more​.


​149 g/km

Latest Technology

Grip Control with Hill Assist Descent, Hill-Start Assist, Keyless Entry and Start, Electronic Parking Brake, Park Assist,

^Based on the C5 Aircross Sense PureTech 130

Citroën C5 Aircross Rear Lights - Barretts
Citroën C5 Aircross Rear Detail - Barretts
Citroën C5 Aircross Front Headlights - Barretts

Bold Design

This bold SUV stands out on the road thanks to its powerful and dynamic personality. Standing out in the SUV segment, the C5 Aircross SUV comes with a wide and imposing front-end design, high bonnet and flowing lines punctuated with strong graphic features such as the bold Airbump® technology along the car flanks. The rear of the vehicle is stocky, wide and tall, showing elements of the spaciousness and the class leading boot capacity (from 580 to 720 litres). Let your surroundings in and create a sense of openness with the large panoramic sunroof of the C5 Aircross.

The C5 Aircross SUV offers a broad range of personalisation options, these include 30 possible exterior combinations, with seven body colours (Polar White, Pearl Black, Platinum Grey, Steel Grey, Volcano Red, Tijuca Blue, Opalescent White) and three Colour Packs (Silver, White and Red). The personalisation also extends to the interior, with four themes that play on light, warmth and refinement. Customise your car to suit your personality and taste, and stand out in the world of SUVs.

Citroën C5 Aircross Interior Seats - Barretts

Complete Comfort

The cabin of the C5 Aircross SUV is spacious and luxurious, incorporating generous and flowing lines, whilst still offering optimal practicality and complete comfort. The wide and tall central console and the raised seats give you a sense of control of the road. The colours invite passengers to settle in to an unprecedented travel experience with unrivalled comfort.

To ensure a smooth drive the C5 Aircross SUV is fitted with the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® suspension system, a Citroën innovation that improves shock absorption, in particular when going over bumps and dips in the road, by reducing bouncing from recoil. This technology aims to provide a “magic carpet ride” effect giving the impression that the car is gliding over the ground.

Further enhancing the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, the wide and comfortable seats of C5 Aircross SUV give passengers the feeling of pure comfort in a portable living room. 15mm-thick foam ensures their softness and durability along with helping to avoid poor posture after long periods of driving. The front seats also offer a multi-point massage system.

Innovative Technologies

The C5 Aircross come equipped with 20 driver assistance technologies and 6 connectivity technologies to offer the complete driving experience.

Improve safety while driving with technologies that present a step towards autonomous driving: Active Safety Brake, Active Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go Function, Collision Risk Alert, Automatic High Beam Function and more.

The C5 Aircross SUV also offers a wide range of technologies aimed to make driving a smoother experience: Grip Control with Hill Assist Descent, Hill-Start Assist, Keyless Entry and Start, Electronic Parking Brake, Park Assist, Reversing Camera with Top Rear Vision, 360 Vision.

For continuity between your digital universe and your car, the 8 inch touchscreen in the C5 Aircross allows users to adjust the car’s settings, access the multimedia system, telephone, air conditioning, and navigation system, as well as: the Mirror Screen function, Citroën Connect Nav, Citroën Connect Box with Pack SOS & assistance included, wireless smartphone charging and ConnectedCAM Citroën™.

Citroën C5 Aircross Interior Touchscreen - Barretts
Citroën C5 Aircross Cruise Control - Barretts
Citroën C5 Aircross Driving Modes - Barretts
Citroën C5 Aircross Wireless Charging - Barretts

Powerful and Efficient Engines

The C5 Aircross SUV offers a range of efficient and powerful Euro 6.2 engines, with the 6-speed manual gearbox or the 8-speed automatic gearbox :
  • 2 petrol versions: PureTech 130 S&S 6-speed manual and PureTech 180 S&S 8-speed automatic
  • 3 Diesel versions: BlueHDi 130 6-speed manual, BlueHDi 130 S&S 8-speed automatic and BlueHDi 180 S&S 8-speed automatic.
The C5 Aircross SUV boasts the most recent version of the 8-speed automatic gearbox, 8-speed "Efficient Automatic Transmission" with Shift and Park by wire control, offering even more efficiency and comfort:
  • Its fuel consumption is up to 7% lower compared with the 6-speed automatic, thanks to the two additional gears
  • The two additional gears provide smoother gear shifting by reducing the intervals between gear changes.