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Due to unprecedented customer demand, we are excited to announce that the new Citroën AMI is coming to the UK in the spring of 2022. The New Citroën AMI 100% ëlectric is a bold response to challenges that commuters face in the city within today’s environment. As a 100% electric vehicle, the AMI emits zero emissions and has a 5.5kWh battery that recharges in just three hours from a standard electric socket. This innovative two-door car combines a new and fun exterior with modern day practicality to keep you on the move around the city.

Coming soon to Barretts Citroën.



Driving Range 

43 miles and top speed of 28mph

Charging ​

5.5kWh battery​ recharges in just 3 hours from a standard electric socket. 


Heating, lights and a heated windscreen.

Zero emissions

The AMI emits zero emissions.


​​AMI is 100% recyclable apart from the battery which is 85% recyclable.​

Bold and a fun personality

The Citroën AMI is advanced and ready for someone with a city lifestyle, offering the perfect alternative to public transport. Whether you are nipping to the local shop or meeting up with friends, with a range of 43 miles and a top speed of 28mph, this 2-seater run-around is perfect solution for those with inner-city mobility needs. What’s more, the AMI also has the advantage of being a truly compact car (dimensions are 2,410mm long, 1,390mm wide and 1,520mm tall), making everyday city lifestyle issues such as parking a breeze.

The exterior of this bold new car is completely customisable to help show off your own personal style as well as the personality of this unique car. The interior may look small, but this car provides alternative ways to hold more storage and reach your needs in a fun yet sustainable way.

Electric driving but better

The Citroën AMI has 0 emissions which makes it ideal for city commuters, who are concerned with their carbon footprint. The AMI offers a unique electric driving experience with its 5.5kWh battery that can recharge from a standard plug socket in just 3 hours, meaning you can spend more time exploring the city environment rather than charging your electric car. This will also allow you to charge your AMI where suits you best, whether this is at home or at work, the AMI has you covered.

The AMI is left-hand drive only meaning that it will be slightly different to drive for many in the UK. The reason that Citroën has given for this car being left-hand drive only is that it will allow the driver to get out on the kerbside when in the city centre, offering the driver greater safety within the busy city environment. The Citroën AMI will be only available as an Automatic car, offering great driving simplicity and ease of driving when exploring a busy city.​

Innovative steps

The AMI is a big step towards driving sustainability, as this car is not only 100% electric, but also made from plastic panels that are symmetrical, with the front and back panels being identical. This is a key design element for keeping the overall cost of this car to a minimum and reducing production waste. The AMI’s doors open in opposite directions, allowing one door to be fitted to both sides of the car, which further reduces production costs and waste.

The AMI has some features, but not loads as this car’s battery is small, and ready for a commute. It includes heating, lights and a heated windscreen. There may be cars with many more features ready at your disposable, but this car covers the necessities and allows you to improve the sustainability of a vehicle. The AMI has not been created to be the primary source of travel, however an improved version of public transport. This innovative new car has been designed for an bold individual ready to embrace the future of the electric motors.