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New Citroën C5 X

Comign Soon to Barretts Citroën - Canterbury

Introducing the all-new Citroën C5 X, a unique combination of the elegance of a saloon, the versatility of an estate and the commanding presence of an SUV. The style of the new C5 X is the perfect embodiment of Citroën's philosophy and offers the most advanced Citroën ever made.

With a brand new design, complete driving comfort and a wide collection of advanced technologies, the Citroën C5 X has been made to make driving simpler, less stressful but just as enjoyable.

The New Citroën C5 X will be available with petrol and plug-in hybrid engines and will be on sale in the UK in late 2021.

To find out more please click the link below or call Barretts Citroen Canterbury on 01227 828999.



Electric: The car has a driving range of up to 31 miles. Petrol: Up to 84mph.


​180hp from the petrol engine and 81.2kW from the electric motor. Combined power of 225hp 


​From 0% to 100% in less than 2 hours thanks to the standard 7.4 kW on-board charger. 


​12" high-definition touchscreen, Extended Head Up Display and driving assistance systems.


Zero emissions when driving in full electric.


Compared to traditional large car rivals, the New C5 X delivers surprise and excitement at first sight. This brand new car has been inspired, right down to its name, by the 2016 CXperience Concept car. The New C5 X’s bold and unique design will turn heads and truly stand out from the crowd.

Assertive, robust and distinctive, the New C5 X's body style is immediately striking. Featuring a sleek fastback body style that blends saloon and estate styling cues, it also carries many of the elements that make premium SUVs so appealing.

With a particular emphasis placed on aerodynamics, the New C5 X is as efficient as it is attractive. Its long bonnet, fluid lines, high waistline and kick above the rear wheels bring distinction and dynamism, as well as providing a strong visual link to Citroen’s rich history of flagship models, including CX.


The New C5 X delivers on-board serenity thanks to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, incorporating cutting-edge technology such as Citroën Advanced Comfort active suspension.

Offering elegance, tranquillity and space, the New C5 X's interior gives occupants a real invitation to travel. Its lounge-like interior space, the sumptuousness of its Advanced Comfort seats and the meticulously detailed finish make the all-new C5 X a pleasure to travel in.

In the front of the cabin, the comfortable seats and the sleek dashboard provide a large, uncluttered driving space. The rear area has exceptional legroom, comfortable width and generous headroom. 360° glazed surfaces provide lots of light and acoustics thanks to acoustic laminated front and rear windows.

Elegance, comfort and a unique attention to detail all come together along with discreet technology to deliver a welcoming passenger experience in the purest Citroën tradition.


The New C5 X Plug-in Hybrid is a modern and high-tech electric mobility vehicle that offers comfort and versatility of use. The embodiment of Citroen’s ë-Comfort programme, the C5 X keeps the driver and passengers perfectly insulated from the road and the outside world.

The New C5 X’s advanced 225hp plug-in powertrain is ready for anything. Delivering the pleasure of silent start-up, operation and zero-emissions motoring at speeds of up to 84mph, it also offers an electric range of up to 31 miles (WLTP) in zero-emissions electric mode.

Spend a whole week without using the internal combustion engine while making your usual local journeys, recharging the vehicle as required. When you need to travel further afield, such as for long weekends away or holidays, the economical and efficient petrol engine will take over. You really do get the best of both worlds.


The New C5 X utilises state-of-the-art technologies to make travel more relaxed, safer and even more fun, as well as innovating in a way that’s as spectacular as it is useful.

Featuring a 12" high-definition touchscreen, the design of its interface has been heavily influenced by the latest tablet technology. The result is, all the settings, display preferences and widgets on the home screen can be quickly and easily customised. You can suit your car to your exact preferences. This system also has a natural, efficient and easy-to-use voice recognition system and digital personal assistant that understands what is said to it, answers questions and carries out commands.

Other innovative technologies include the Extended Head Up Display and driving assistance systems that introduce a semi-autonomous driving experience. This car has been designed to make every journey simpler and enjoyable.