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Barretts Smarter Repairs offer you an inexpensive and professional service for those small mishaps. From bumper scuffs to wheel repairs, Barretts are more than well-equipped to get your vehicle back its best using high-tech methods and machinery that are recommended by manufacturer.

We are an approved repair bodyshop that will happily handle issues with your insurance company no matter how big or small the damage.

Our Services

Dent Reconstruction

A technique used to remove dents without damaging the original paint surface. Depending on accessibility the operator can either massage the dents out from inside the panel, or using special hot glue sticks pull the dent out from the outside. A cure for those annoying car park dents.

Polish & Scratch Repair

Depending on the depth of a scratch we can offer a polishing service, or a local paint repair. The polishing process would involve using a very fine flatting paper to remove the scratch, then a buffer to restore the finish to your vehicle. For deeper damage we can locally repaint the panel using special spraying equipment and infra-red drying technology.

Bumper Repairs

Using modern products in a very small amount we are able to repair a bumper corner successfully. We use fully skilled painters to carry out the repairs and they are carried out in a clean, controlled environment.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

We can restore the wheels or carry out a colour change in our wheel centre. The latest equipment means that we can remove kerbing, corrosion and scratches prior to preparing and repainting the wheels. Wheels are also balanced after repair.

Windscreen Repairs

Our staff have been trained to repair stone chips and small cracks to windscreens. The process uses a formulated resin which is injected into the damaged area and cured. This is not an invisible repair and may leave a scar, but will lengthen the life of the screen.

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